Data Center Transformation

Compute and Virtualization


Data Center Infrastructure

Whether you’re putting up a new data center or upgrading a current server room, our Enterprise Service Group (ESG) can work with your organization in the design, purchase, integration and testing of your new data center infrastructure so you can utilize your IT team on your other strategic goals.

Server Design & Implementation

Putting up a server can be overwhelming. Our Enterprise Service Group (ESG) will provide you with insights into your virtual and physical server environment. We also provide recommendations to design optimized solutions that lower risk and meets the goals of the organization.


Virtualization Design & Implementation

With virtualization comes a lot of benefits such as simplifying the management of your IT infrastructure, improving application reliability and reducing IT spend. However, it is equally crucial to design and configure, implement and maintain the virtual infrastructure properly. Unison can help assess your organization’s needs – whether you are new to virtualization or want to expend your current environment.

Storage & Data Protection

It is important to plan ahead when dealing with information storage. With our setup and security support, your data will be ready for just about anything.

Storage Design & Implementation

As the amount of data that you need to manage increase, your traditional storage environment most likely has reached its limit. Unison can help you design a complete storage environment fits your organization’s needs.


Data Protection Design & Implementation

As the need for digital transformation arises, the rapid growth of data puts a lot of pressure on your IT team. Unison will work with you to protect your data from corruption, loss or compromise with our capabilities in back-up and archival.

Disaster Recovery Design & Implementation

Loss of data, affected business operations in natural disasters, security breaches, and failure to pass corporate disaster recovery audits can be costly to your organization. Poorly designed disaster recovery policies can also have a significant impact on your organization’s reputation.

Unison provides end-to-end disaster recovery solutions that enable recovery of infrastructure, applications, and data based upon the policies you set across secondary sites that are on premise or in the cloud.


Hyperconverged Infrastructure Design & Implementation

Unison will work with your IT team to evaluate your current infrastructure and design and implement a hyperconverged solution that will improve your organization’s efficiency and scalability without compromising performance.