Online Double Conversion Rack Mounted UPS 1:1 Phase

Models: EP-6000VA-OL-RT|EP-10000VA-OL-RT


These Online UPS models are specifically designed for best use with the following equipment:

-Server Room Network

-Room Large Format

-Printers Command

-Center Systems


These UPS models have higher capacity to protect larger IT equipment or installations. With Online Double Conversion technology, these models provide pure sinewave, no transfer time, and fixed output voltage.



EPICA MP RT 10000VA/9000W Online Pure Sineware Tower UPS w/ LCD & ,w/USB ,RS232 with External Battery Cabinet, (Smart SNMP/ Relay Card Optional)


Input/ Output Connections

based on the line diagram



  • Online double conversion
  • No output transfer time
  • PFC technologies
  • Full digital control (DSP)
  • Output power factor: 0.9
  • Input current harmonic: 3%
  • ECO function
  • Charging/ Rectifier/ Inverter fully digital control technology
  • Optimization battery group, the quantity of battery: 16/18/20 pieces (optional)
  • Wide input frequency range: 45-55Hz/ 54-66Hz + 0.5Hz
  • Self- testing when UPS startup
  • Input over/ under-voltage protection
  • Authomatic bypass
  • DC start
  • Communication port: RS232 , USB
  • Options: SNMP card/ Relay Card
  • Support Email Notification