Elite 4 Active, APAC Pack

Elite 4 Active

Advanced audio engineering.

Secure active fit designed to stay in while you work out.



Buds that move with you

When it comes to working out, you need buds that can match your pace. Water and sweat proof, ergonomic, and incredibly durable, Jabra Elite 4 Active are designed to stay comfortably in place.

And that’s not all: immersive sound with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), customizable equalizer, and HearThrough technology, plus access to Spotify Tap playback*, bring a real boost to your workout.

Whatever you’re doing today, Elite 4 Active help you keep things moving.


You work out. They stay in

Jabra Elite 4 Active are designed to stay in while you work out. Made with a secure active fit, and IP57-graded water and sweat proof protection, these buds are engineered for all kinds of workouts.

And with a 2-year warranty*, you don’t have to worry about your buds letting you down.

Wherever your workout takes you, Elite 4 Active can handle it.


Stay in the zone

Indoors or outdoors, powerful Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) blocks intrusive sounds, so you can immerse yourself in the music.

Whether you want to ignore the sound system at the gym, or filter out urban ambient noise, ANC helps you get in – and stay in – the zone. From pushing for a new personal best, to listening to music on the go.

Elite 4 Active are made to keep you in the zone.


Fine-tune your tunes

Whether you want to boost the bass or push the treble, Jabra Elite 4 Active let you customize the sound of your workout soundtracks. Just download the Jabra Sound+ app and tune the equalizer to your preference. Then power through your exercise – with exactly the sound you like.

And with Spotify Tap playback*, you can access the music you love without having to fumble around for your phone.

Your tunes, your way, all day.

Run free. Stay alert.

From urban traffic on city runs, to unexpected cyclists in city parks; sometimes, it’s good to be able to hear what’s coming up behind you. That’s where HearThrough helps.

At the tap of a button, HearThrough uses the built-in microphones to pick up the sounds around you, and play them in your buds, so you don’t need to be cut off from the world. Even when you’re listening to music.

Instant awareness, at the tap of a button.

Come through, loud and clear

With four built-in microphones, protected by a special mesh covering for added wind noise protection, you’ll be heard clearly on calls. No matter how busy the surroundings.

From running on a busy street, to lifting weights in a noisy gym.


Designed to do more

With a wing-free, ergonomic design, Elite 4 Active are comfortable and unintrusive – perfect for any active lifestyle. Whether you’re working out or relaxing.

All the benefits of a sports earbud, designed to fit seamlessly into your life on the go.

From your workout to your wind-down – these buds have got you covered.


The power to keep up

They may be small. But they’re big on power. Delivering up to 7 hours of continuous playback, Jabra Elite 4 Active buds go the distance with you.

Keep them in the case, and they’re good for up to 28 hours. And if you do get caught out, the handy fast charge feature gives you up to a full hour of playback in just 10 minutes of charging.

They’ve got the energy. Have you?


Use one. Charge one. Repeat.

Mono mode lets you use either bud. Take one out, and high-quality, true wireless sound flows freely through whichever ear you choose, while keeping the other free.

You can even charge the one you’re not using to make your battery go even further.

One bud or two? With Elite 4 Active, the choice is yours.

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Black, Mint, Navy Blue