Connect 4s

Connect 4s

Professional calls for flexible working. Engineered for amazing audio wherever you go.



Sound your best. Anywhere.

When you’re working flexibly, clear, collaborative calls are essential. The Jabra Connect 4s is the perfect solution.

Combining office-grade clarity with portability, this handy little speaker transforms your work calls, wherever you are. And because working from home shouldn’t be all work, work, work, it’s great for music, too.

Portable professionalism, wherever you need to work.


Flexible working. Professional sound.

Connect 4s makes everything crystal-clear. With great sound from the world leaders in professional-grade audio, your home-working space suddenly becomes your own personal meeting room. Transform every call, by making things easier on the ear. For everyone.

Take your flexible working setup to the next level.

Upgrade your work playlists

When you’re not on calls, the rich, premium sound of the Connect 4s also makes it great for music and other media. Perfect for when you need a little background music while you work.

Think of it as your all-round portable speaker.


Free up the conversation

Better ideas happen when you’re free to move. That’s why Connect 4s has a directional microphone that picks up speech in fine detail from up to 1.5m away. So you’re no longer chained to the desk (or kitchen table) when on your calls.

Great for thinking – and talking – on your feet.


Conferencing on the go

With Connect 4s, you can turn your personal device into a professional conferencing tool. Bluetooth connectivity means it connects to any smartphone, tablet, or laptop – effortlessly linking you up with colleagues in professional-grade clarity.

Exceptional clarity. Increased mobility. However you work.


Fits into your bag. And your life.

Flexible working is the new name of the game. With a slim, portable design – and weighing less than 200g – you can now take the world-leading audio expertise of Jabra with you, wherever you prefer to work. It even comes with a smart, protective travel case.

Now your office is wherever you need it to be.


Ready. Set. Go.

How easy is it to set up your Connect 4s? This easy: just plug in the USB, or connect via Bluetooth to your PC, tablet or smartphone, and you’re good to go. Plus, it’s compatible with your favorite meeting apps.

Connect 4s lets you hit the ground running.


Goes on and on. Because calls can too.

Call running over? If you’re connecting via Bluetooth, the rechargeable battery in your Connect 4s lasts up to 15 hours. With the automatic power-off feature, standby time is up to 200 days. And, when you do need to replenish, it’s fully back up to speed in around 2 hours.

It’ll outlast even the longest calls.