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In today’s new normal, it is imperative that documents should reach the proper individuals in timely manner even at home. Carrying important documents from the office to your home is inefficient and provides you with unnecessary risk such as losing your documents during commute or being drawn on by your little ones.

UCSI, provides you with a solution that meets today’s work environments whether hybrid or not. We offer Document Management System service, which enables you to efficiently convert physical documents to digital copies, store them on the network, and automatically and securely move documents to the proper personnel.

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  • Convenient Document Retrieval

  • Fast and Secured

  • Can us Optional Devices

  • Customizable Set-up and Features

  • Best Solution for the New Normal Environment

  • Save Cost for Documet Storage Rental

What we can Offer:


  • Outsourced Documents

  • Document Management System

  • DMS System Integration

  • DMS electronic Workflow

  • DMS Data Migration